Monday, June 28, 2010

Palette Knife Practice

During the last week or so I've been learning or practicing with a number of palette knives instead of using a brush in oil painting.  What an experience!  Here are a few of the studies.   The Lawn Chair was en plein aire while the others were done from photos.  But the process was both frustrating and fun. 


Seattle Urban Sketchers went to the Center for Wooden Boats, Sunday, June 26th.  I went and practiced some with my fountain pen and a little water color.  Here is what emerged. I'll keep practicing

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Spring Pics

Seems like I only get to the postings about once every three weeks.  Oh well!  I was taking a figure painting in oil class at Gage here in Seattle and actually have a couple of results to share.  The first more finished than the second.  The first was with one figure and 4 studio sessions.  The second was with two figures and 5 studio sessions.  The models alternated so we had one model at a time with the exception of the first session where both were present.  I missed the session when the female model posed for the first time.  The second time was the last studio session so I only got one chance at getting her into the composition.    The photos of the pieces didn't come out the best but at least give a glimpse of what I've been doing on the painting side of life.

Okay they loaded in the opposite order.  The bottom was done first.    I also learned to work with a very different palette.  It was fun and I learned quite a bit.

Six weeks until FINA Worlds in Goteborg, SW.  I'm hoping to keep a art travel journal while on the trip.  We'll see if it actually happens.  It will take a bit of tenacity and dedication to be consistent with it.  But I'll try.

Another post later.